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A Good Narrative – The Darker Shade of Magic

I love a good narrative!

A Darker Shade of MagicThis book has a good narrative. The book cover is the most unfortunate part of this novel. I learned not to “judge a book by its cover”, unlike many people.

The story centres around there being four London’s in alternate universes. A common theme, though the rest of the world is different. Hence, Kel is the only able to use the city to move between the different worlds. He encounters Lila, a young street thief who he at fist is at odds with, but then befriends. The twist is nice.

The book reads well and you can move between the characters with ease. I found the narrative engaging and not repetitive (Really? Wow!). Schwab must have used a good editor for I only found one instance of inconsistency in the story which is amazing!

As we moved through the pages (in my instance, audio files), I found myself understanding each character and their motives for doing what they did. Action plays as if real and well thought of, magic use is believable, and no one’s untouchable, unlike books of this genre.

Schwab has peeked my interest in what else she may have written based on this one book. So, yes, this author just picked up a fan by doing what she should, writing an engaging story and having it edited to perfection.

Note – the one inconsistency is that Lila has a glass eye, but when she looked, she used her eyes. Only a hardcore editor of content would notice such in an audio book.

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