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Start Writing? If You Wrote Down a Good Idea You Already Have

Start Writing Now!

Yes, I said it, start writing now. So here’s the question that prompted this statement.

“I have a brilliant idea of a novel but I do not know when I am ready to write it, when is the right time to start?”

Start writing your novel? Good news, you’ve already started to write your novel. Every novel starts with a good idea, then moves to an out outline, and finally a draft.

Ideas Are Worth Gold!

Don’t listen to the naysayers trying to tell you those good ideas are worth dirt. Prompted writing has been around for years and many authors use it to spur their creative juices. If you’re a writer and need something to help you get an idea, then you are using prompts. These little gems are worth their weight in gold and they should be cherished and used. What one writer comes up with from a prompt can be so much different than another.

Start writing now and you can write this down as wellSo, you are now on the journey of writing. It always starts with an idea. Take the time to put that idea down on paper. If you feel good about it, then move to more ideas about the base that you have started. Make a brief outline of your theme, plot, subplots, and minor plots. Build characters and come out with a good idea of what to put on paper. This is how you become a writer.

As we have now outlined, you are on the journey. It is up to you to either take it and run or ignore the idea and go on with your life. If you decide to ignore it, please pass it on to me and I’ll put it in that little treasure chest I call my jewelry box of ideas.

Yes, that’s right, I’m not that proud to ignore a good idea when one comes to me from someone. Heck, I have many that are sitting in the box biding their time to come out and become a story.

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