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Critiques and Your Life as a Writer and Critiquer

Where can I go to get story critiques on a novel I wrote?

There are two types of feedback you can get for your novel, one is reader appeal and the other is reader appeal and editing suggestions. My suggestion is to do the latter, called critiques.

Critiques are detailed analysis of your writing which, and depending on the critiquer, can include slight line edits. All critiques include detailed information on what the reader appeal is of your work and how to improve it. A number of those who do critiques also want you to look over their work, a sort of swap meet for stories.

CritiquesThere are a number of sites which concern themselves on critiques. I personally use Scribophile. They work on a karma system, where you gain point critiquing others. Once you have enough points, you can post your work for critiquing.

There is a free and pay membership to Scribophile. The free allows you to post work in a public spotlight. The work moves out of the spotlight once critiqued three times. A paid membership allows you to put your work in a personal spotlight, thus bypassing the line for the public one. Your paid membership will allow you to receive a maximum of six critiques per spotlight posting. Chapters or section postings should not exceed 3,000 words, and you have a lot of critiques to do in order to get a novel posted. This is easy, for there are a number of writers posting their work on the site.

More Information on Scribophile

You can find more information on Scribophile at their website. The site also has a large social group of users who communicate with each other on a daily basis. There are user groups for those wanting to concentrate on specific genres or who want to connect with those of like minds. Several members have created groups for specific critiquing, like Fast Critiquers, the Butchers, and Writers over 40. There is something for everyone there.

The Scribophile wedsite  is:

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