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Character Development and Writer’s Block

How do I get past writer’s block in character development?

Writer’s block is a myth. A few months ago I was working on my third recreation of the story “China Girl”. One of the main characters was introduced as a stuck up, Chinese cop in dress uniform in perfect condition. Not a hair out of place. She was to go with the other main character to gather information on missing girls. When she stepped out of the change room I thought it would be good to have her exit dressed in a shorty shirt just barely covering her breasts, skin tight and ripped jeans, and hair falling down in black ribbons cascading down to her waist.

Writer's BlockWithout knowing it, I changed the actual character. Knowing her background, she would never dress so provocatively. I stumbled through the rest of the chapter and, finally, threw it out.

As a writer, your insides will block you from changing a character so drastically from your internal thoughts. This is what most writers call writer’s block, but it is your brain telling you to stop making a mistake. Take the time to look over what you have put down as your character developing part and see what does not match. Fix it. Maybe the person has an aversion to the colour blue and you have them wearing blue underwear, or they are a vegan and in the restaurant they eat steak. It could even be so simple as a left-handed person wearing their watch on the left arm. Tear the chapter apart in order to find the issue and fix it, then your creativity will start to flow again.

Remember to always think ahead. Make good character references in order to make sure your inner Writer’s Block is something that does not exist.

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