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Paying a Publisher – Publishing Your Book

Is it worth paying publishers to publish my book?


As a publisher, I cringe at the outlandish amounts vanity presses charge authors. It is no wonder authors around the world started to turn to self-publishing. Paying for publishingWell, here is the information you asked for.

A Book publisher you are to paying for your book to be published is called a vanity press. What usually happens is you will pay them a large fee (usually in the thousands), get half-hearted editing, poor cover images, and second-rate book printing. Paying money to get your book published by a vanity press will usually end in heartbreak.

Last year I met an author who did just that, paid exuberant money to get their book published through a vanity press. He said traditional was not for him at the time and found paying for a publishing his only route. His wife asked me to look at the book and give my honest opinion. Never wanting to turn an honest request away, I took the book and gave the cover a good look. Understand that him paying a publisher does not demeanor his work. The first thing I noticed is the difference in resolution between a number of the elements. A plane in the background at 72 DPI, a woman’s face at 300, and foreground of an island at about 150. When I opened the book I asked if he noticed the printing was not square on the page, it had a slight slant to the left. I proved it with a ruler.

In the first paragraph I pointed out keyword repetition, passive voice, and the first three sentences contained modified present tense verbs (I was sleeping). The editing needed work.

He paid $10,000 for the publication – fish on a line.

If you’re not going to go the traditional publishing route, then please do your homework and self-publish. Make sure you do the rewrites. Hire a good editor (not just anyone). Create proper files and don’t take shoddy work from anyone.

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