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The Long Dark Video

How much should I pay a freelancer to create a sponsored content video on a publishing site?

Videos for books is a growing trend in the industry. Is it needed? No. Does it help? Usually it does.

Like anything, the amount you pay for something will depend on how in depth you need it. For example, if you just want something like a splash screen for your trailer it can cost as low as $5 (low res and nothing fancy). But if you want something about 2 minutes long with live actors, music, and text, possibly as high as $700.

Take the time to investigate the freelancers you hire. Ensure they are credited in what they say they did. If not, don’t take their word for it. Deal with professionals holding valid skills and the trailer, though more expensive than if you just used anyone, will be professional and of high quality.

MMT Productions is a good place to look for quality videos at a low price. They are located in Canada so if you are a US citizen their prices become very attractive due to the favourable exchange rate. They quote their work in Canadian Dollars.

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