My Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

There is a lot of talk about the Carbon Tax schemes governments in Canada are imposing or planning to impose. The big problem is, Canada does not contribute enough carbon to the atmosphere for any cutback to make any difference.

In fact, most Canadians use so little, and the cost of imposing such a tax so burdensome, that most of us who heat our homes using natural gas will suffer under this new tax. And let us call it what it is, a tax. The governments, instead of finding ways to unburden the tax-payer or middle-class, are finding ways to pick their pockets for every last dime they can. In fact, right now, an average middle-class family pays more in taxes than their parents or their grandparents did. And going forward, our children will be left with a legacy of imposed taxes that they will not be able to overcome.

It is time to stop the government from imposing new taxes. Instead, they should be punishing those contractors who allow government projects to go over budget, reducing expenditures, and controlling the unions that think the government is a cash cow to feed them.

Below is my open letter to the Prime Minister, hoping he will see the sense in abolishing the tax.

Prime Minister Trudeau,

The Canadian Tax Payer is already struggling to survive. Canada already has too many taxes to support another ill-conceived tax such as the so-called “Carbon Tax” systems currently either in place or being suggested by any government body.

If the Canadian Government imposes such a tax, it will not only put our industries at risk, but also the Canadian people. Some of our more vulnerable citizens, the elderly, are already struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table. Another bill, even if it is only $20-$50/monthly, will force some of them to either cut down on food or much-needed medication.

Instead of introducing ways to tax the people who voted your party into power, please consider and debate how to reduce the tax burden on them. Take the time to discuss how the Canadian people can best be served by government, instead of how much money can be squeezed out of their pockets.


Douglas Owen
Goodwood, Ontario

If you, like me, think the Canadian Tax Payer is overburdened with taxes, I encourage you to also send a letter to our Prime Minister voicing your concerns. The more they hear from us the more they will rethink this ill-begot plan.

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