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Age and Writing

I am 66 and have written three books. Will publishers take me seriously?

Yes, you definitely will be looked at seriously. In fact, with three books, there is a good chance of having them all published. Maybe not all at once, but probably over a few months’ time. It shows the publisher you are writing, and taking it seriously. The last thing they want is someone who will not take publishing the work seriously, and fluff off editing and working to sell the finished product.

When looking for a publisher, you may want to start with small or micro-presses. Ensure they are not ones who will charge you a publishing fee, or just take your work and slap a cover on it. They should tell you what to expect, like several rounds of edits to polish the work to a publishable standard. Make sure there’s a contract involved and that they are paying you royalties based on every cent the work generates.

There are a number of micro-presses out there, so take your time and look for their submissions pages. If they have electronic submission, that is the best, for you don’t have to print anything. Make sure you follow their guidelines for submission to the letter, for nothing gets a reject faster than not doing so.

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