Slow Days

I remember when this novel started, and how fast the words flowed out. It was like a waterfall onto the keyboard. Now, with the end of the work coming, it is the daunting task of tying everything up and closing the book off.

At just over 58,000 words, it looks like things will wrap up a little earlier than desired. If all goes well, the total will be around 64,000. Not bad for two weeks’ worth of writing.

For those following it, here’s the usual sample. Make sure you share it so others can see the progress.


Carl spins me around before I get to the van and I start to take a swing at him. He backs away, hands held up. There’s no one else around us, just his front porch and monster house. There’s still daylight left, and then we’ll need to turn on lights. Probably what they want, us to come back to the house, try to save what is there, then follow us back to where we are hiding. I get it, and Carl just wants to make sure I don’t do it.

After some hesitation, I look at my fist, then lower it. There is no reason to fight. This is my friend. My buddy. My partner. My guardian. We work well together, and to hit him could ruin that silent agreement, the I got your back that’s between us.

I look at the ground, heat rising to my cheeks. “I’m sorry. Sorry for being an idiot.”

Carl just gives his head a little shake. “Nothing I wouldn’t have done in your shoes.” He heads back to the porch. “Come on, buy you another drink.”

I follow him, find the remnants of the shattered glass and bend over to start picking it up.

Carl places a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll clean it off later.” He takes a deep breath. “We need to tell the girls about this.”

I straighten up, wonder when he became so insightful, and follow him into the house. There is nothing to say or do out here. He’s right, just let the girls know our home is now gone. We’ll make them pay.


So, for the rest of the day, I think I’m going to just relax. It’s been a long 9 days getting this out, and I still have a lot of time before Sunday, the day I promised to have the first draft finished.

Happy NaNoing.

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