Breaking the Barrier

The whole idea is to finish the 80k+ word novel in two weeks. This is why I am still writing, and why you get another post (at least one) today with a word count report of over 55K.

Chapter 18 is done, and this is a pivotal point in the plot. Now the crap is starting to hit the fan, and we have more people to worry about.

For those interested, you’ll get a little preview of the work. Remember to share it on Facebook, Google+ and all those wonderful places. People can get a direct feed from my website or like my page, https://www.facebook.com/Douglas-Owen-334810779880654/ or website https://daowen.ca


I grab the little one who came up between the seats and hand her off to Carl. He slings the assault rifle over his shoulder and takes the kid. The oldest is already out of the van and opening the back door. He’s good, shuffling them to the side of the van and making sure they follow us into the house.

The unmistakable sound of Harley motorcycles comes echoing through the air. Each of them seems to be revving their engines just to announce their arrival.

The breezeway door next to the garage slams shut and I’m inside the house. Cindy is there, and she calls doc over. Together they take the kids upstairs to the back TV room. Hopefully to clean them up. Probably just make sure they’re okay. The tall kid and little girl stand there looking at me.

“You should go upstairs.” I motion to the staircase. “He’s a doctor and the woman is like everyone’s mother.”

“Zoey doesn’t leave me, and I’m staying with you. To be safe.”

I bend down, look at the little girl, the blonde curls smudged face and missing front tooth tell me nothing. “Can you take your friend here upstairs to the doc?”

She lets go of his hand, steps forward, and throws her arms around me. I stand, bringing her up with me. I don’t think she’s going to let go.


So, time to write more of the first draft. Happy NaNoing!

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