Pushed chapter 17 out and just want to sit down and relax. This NaNo, my desire to finish the whole novel in 13 days is at a turning point, I am now over 50,000 words.

This is a big point in the work, for now, I have to start tying up loose ends, closing off sub-plots, and bring the main confrontation to the inevitable end. I’ve planned for it. I’ve trained for it. Now I’ve got to do it.

The ending will be the ending of the book, but it appears a series can come out of this novel. Is it something I will pursue? Probably. Make book two something for next year’s NaNo, or maybe book three pending on what I do at the start of next year. Who can tell. Time is literally on my side.

For now, a little teaser on the first draft of the manuscript:


The driver stares at me. At first, it looks like he’s not getting the impact, then the light goes on. His eyes widen, cigarette droops, fingers twitch. I had a similar reaction when I figured it out. That’s why all those walkers went north during the summer, and south during the winter. The extreme hot and cold, they can’t survive in it. One cooks them, makes their bodies rot quicker, the other freezes them in place, keeps them from surviving. That’s all it’s about, survival.

“I’ll be fucked,” the driver says, his voice flat.

I remember telling Mindy about it, the look of shock she showed is similar to this man’s.

He takes another drag off his cigarette. “So, you mean to say all the corpses are going to head north once the weather starts to warm up?”

“Not all of them, only the ones in the Northern Hemisphere.”

“And what leads you to believe that?”

He’s generally interested. Something you don’t see with a criminal. Usually, it’s all about them. This guy is thinking of a big picture.

“During the winter, all the corpses came out of the north. During the summer when this crap all started, most of the walkers either traveled north or stayed still. The heat rots their bodies fast. Like chicken left in the sun. Once all the muscle tissue is rotted off, the corpse can’t move, and finally dies. It takes a while, but it happens.


I hope you like these little looks into the world of writing. Feel free to help spread the word on The Hordes, knowing that it will release sometime next year. Until then, happy NaNoing!

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