Almost at 50k!

I have finished chapter 16 now, and this is where people will really squirm. There is such a psychological pull in this chapter that it kind of freaks me out as well.

This chapter also celebrates me hitting 49,000 words in one week. This is the most I’ve written in any timeframe. Usually, I’m about the third week at this word count, but I really want to finish the novel before next Sunday. That would be a feat, less than two weeks for a full manuscript.

For those interested, here’s your sneak peek:


I see the tops of trees pass by me. A clank sounds four times. Someone swears. My eyes sting. A face full of hair comes into view. Gray, long hair tumbles down on shoulders and a birds nest of a beard hides the mouth. A scowl comes from him, and he bends over, taking my jaw in his hands. I try to bat away his hands but mine are not responsive. A gun comes into view, held by the man with the hair encrusted face. Darkness takes me as he hits me with the butt.



Rough hands grab me by the coat and haul me off the ground. I open eyes to a fading light, and fall forward when I’m placed on my feet. The ground kisses my face. I manage to roll a little before those rough hands grab at me again and set me up on wobbling feet. That hair encrusted face is before me again. The pale blue eyes squint from behind bushy eyebrows. I know where I am now. The train station in the centre of Uxbridge.

“You’ve been giving our people a hard time,” hairy face says. His breath reminds me of raw sewage being pumped from a septic tank. “I don’t know if you have any idea who you’re dealing with.”

The pieces start to come together for me. The jail cell, Sonny the adult, not the kid, the girl Jill.

Hairy face takes out a Smith and Weston, pulls back the hammer and points it at my chest. “Those supplies, the ones from the hospital, those were ours.” He puts his hand on my shoulder. “And before that, your people have been emptying all the stores in the outskirts of our town for the last few months.”


So, now you see what it is like for my first drafts. I’ll see you all later today when I blow away the 50K mark. In the meantime, please feel free to share this with your friends. I’m hoping to have the novel fully edited by the summer. Until then, happy NaNoing!

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