Back in the Groove

Chapter 13 is done and put away. Some action is starting, and next chapter will increase the pace. I’m now sitting at 39,000 words for day 6, and want to be well over the 50,000 mark by end of day 7. This is doable, especially if I don’t let myself be sidetracked with cleaning the eaves trough and such.

Keeping up with tradition, here is a sample of the chapter:

I look over to the clock. 4:42. Now is the time to get moving, just before dark. That way we can get to the gun club before it’s fully dark. There’ll be no need to use headlights.

Jill walks over to me, Carl following her. She walks over to the one bike that wouldn’t start when we picked it up this morning and gives it a look over.

“Is it starting now?” She turns the key.

“Yes, just a dead battery.”

She taps the start, and the small engine turns over. “Good to see the tank is full. You have a small trailer for it, right?”

“Two, actually.” I decide to use the one that Jill is playing with, that way if there’s anything really wrong with it, I’m the one who will be hiking in the dark. You two want to give me a hand?”

“Sure,” Carl says. He starts to walk over to the back of the garage. “I take it they’re out back?

I give a nod, and Carl goes out the back door to take a look.

Jill keeps looking over the quad, and I come up beside her. “You know what you’re doing?”

“Not really.”

“The back break is on the right foot, right thumb is the accelerator, left handle the front break.”

“You’re an ass, Steve.”

I glance at the ground. “Honestly, he seems to be okay now, but before he was a real ass about making as much noise as possible with his trucks.” I see a small tag on the bike, start to peel it off. “How much have you two talked?”

She stands up, places hands on hips. “Not much.” There’s hesitation in her voice. “He lives out of town, on a wooded lot. Not much to do but cut down trees, hunt, raise babies.”

“I was thinking–”

I’ll see everyone on the other side!

Happy NaNoing!

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