Day 5 – 3300 Words Plus

Chapter 11 took a little longer than it should have. I’ve never put myself into a situation like the one the main character is going through so it took a lot out of me to imagine it.

This is the 5th day of NaNoWriMo, and I’m happy to say the goal of actually finishing the novel itself, let alone the challenge, is well within site. On day 10 I should be around 60,000 words, and on the 14th, near 80,000 – my actual goal.

With the way the novel is flowing, I’m happy to say the characters are fleshed out and full. The plot keeps going forward. The only problem now is keeping the actions of the non-pov characters in mind to ensure a proper time flow. I know I will pick up any inconsistencies during rewrites and critiques, but I want to make sure the manuscript is as tight as possible in the initial draft. It makes for a better experience when doing the rewrites.

Here’s a sample of the chapter:

One week lying in bed is difficult, especially with two watch dog woman keeping an eye on you. I do manage to start moving around with little pain after the third day, and now, just a day before doc is scheduled to come by, getting out of bed is easier. My appetite is back, and Mindy kids me about putting on too much weight if I keep eating the way I am. They keep me full of water, and the times they go out, I sneak some of the flavour crystals I like into it.

Now I just wait, Samantha laying on her back using me to balance. I’m just lightly scratching her side, the way she likes it.

The rumbling of the garage door opening sounds through the house and I know Mindy and Jill are back. They are the only ones with the opener, so it limits who is coming in.

Samantha flips to a more lady-like position, feet under her, but remains laying down. Her ears twitch, locating the noise and focusing on it. The garage door closes, and the outside door opens to the two women in my life talking and laughing. Something I don’t hear very often.

Mindy is the one leading their parade into the house, both are carrying cloth shopping bags.

“Well, look whose being pampered now.” Mindy bends over and taps her hands together. “Come here, Samantha.”

The traitor springs from her spot, jumps off the bed, and saunters over to Mindy as if it is her idea.

“What a traitor.” I cross my arms, pout a little. “Just come home and take my cat away from me.”

“Could be worse,” Jill says. “She almost picked up a dog on the way home.” She puts her bag on the counter. “But was really skinny and snarled when she put her hand out.”

“I got something for you, girl.” Mindy pulls out a tin from her bag. “Time for yummies!”

There’s the sound of a tin lid being pulled off, and I’m truly shocked that she found tuna or something for Samantha. Jill stares at me, smiling.

“We found the storage area for the pet food shop.” She pulls a bag of dry kibble out. “Sam is not going hungry for a while.”

Okay, off the see if chapter 12 will be any easier.

Till then – Happy NaNoing!

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