Slow Day

Had a slow day yesterday, what with a few appointments to go to. Needed to stretch, and because Sheila was not working either, we ended up going to dinner.

Nothing kills writing like an overfull belly.

So only two chapters were written. I need to see if I can make that up sometime over the next little while. Till then, another chapter closer to the end. Here’s the sneak peak:

The lights flicker on and I take the last two steps into the basement. I’ve kept the heat down as the cold November wind batters against the house. Most of the leaves have changed and dropped to the ground, leaving skeleton fingers stretching to the sky in a morbid tone of for the year. We now have to be more careful with what lights are turned on, for there is nothing covering the front of the home from possible prying eyes.

Jill follows me into the basement. She is more my age than Mindy, but she is more a sister type of person. We joke every day while the three of us play cards, but she goes to bed alone, and most of the time crying. My heart cries out every time I hear the weeping at night, but there’s nothing I can do.

The basement is just that, a poured concrete floor, and just over two metres tall. Enough to use while standing up, but not enough to make any real living space. Storage is great, as long as you keep everything to one side. I’d hate to have the septic break over food or something.

Every month I count out our food and other supplies. Every month I figure out what is needed. Every month I worry about where the stock is going to come from. This is the second time counting this month. It shows how much I worry about our future, now with three people surviving off what I scavenge.

Mindy helps. She accompanies me to the stores and we pile cans of food into the cart. Lately though, I’ve noticed signs of someone else using the stores, telling me we’re not alone anymore. It’s hard to tell, but last month I marked the top corner of a bag of sugar and a few cans of stew. We’ll see if they’re still there when we hit the stores again today.

Wood is piled in the garage for this winter. I think enough is cut for us. Thank God for the high-efficiency wood burning insert. I still remember the salesman wondering why I wanted wood instead of gas. “It’s better than paying someone for the fuel when I can just cut down a tree and grow another on in its place. Renewable energy, that’s the future of our race.” Go figure how true that is today. If I took the gas fireplace, well, we’d be freezing this winter. Geothermal is good, but the shorter days means less solar power, and the system does take a bit of juice to run. Burning wood in the fireplace adds so much to the head in the house.

Jill reaches out and touches my arm. “Where are you?”

Word count is now just over 27,000.

So, off the finish another chapter.

Happy NaNoing!

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