Smoking Keyboard

Just finished off chapter 7 and the story is really taking shape. I’ll update the main word count tonight when I finish writing, but for those keeping track, I’m over 21000 words into the novel. In another three days, I’ll bust the NaNoWriMo word count if I keep this up, and should finish the novel sometime next week.

Looking at how this is turning out really makes me wonder if I should not be writing full time. If I put my mind to it, there is no limit to what I can turn out in a day. But the needs of the household tell me to keep plugging away. One of these days, maybe, things will change.

For those interested, here is a little teaser:

Mindy stares at something behind me and her eyes widen just as the cold metal touches the back of my neck. There’s no mistaking it, that’s a hand gun, large caliber. I race through all the possibilities open, and each one tells me there is not much to be done. There is no possibility of knowing if this person is alone or he has friends hiding out somewhere. And the accent is just barely noticeably that of someone from the US.noticeably that of someone from the US.

“Now, I want you to get that girly to put her gun down.” The muzzle nudges at my neck. “We don’t want anything to happen to you, do we?”

Mindy glances down at the gun in her hand, then back up at me. She hasn’t had a chance to load it. And even if she did, what type of shot was she? There’s no chance in hell of us getting out of this alive, unless the guy is alone and he used a display model without checking it first.

“You’re from the States, right?” I can feel the small dance of sweat beading on my forehead.

“Yeah, just up visiting. So you know I know how to use this gun.” He nudges my neck again. “So get the girly to put the gun down, or she’ll be wearing you.”

“Mindy, put the gun down, please.” I nod just a little.

“Steve, I–”

“Don’t worry,” I say, mind racing. “I’m sure this gentleman is just trying to protect himself and the people he brought with him.”

The man laughed. “Came up here to visit my Pa. You guys locked him up for having a gun to protect himself.” I hear him spit. “All hell broke loose up here and now I gotta break him out of the small cell. He’s starving in there.”

“Your gun, is it from home?”

Pain erupts on the back of my head. I reach back, this is it. The guy’s hit me with the gun and I’ll black out in a second, but nothing happens, just pain. I bring my hand back and it’s covered in blood. So much for what the movies and TV show. Guess it takes a lot more to knock someone out.


Until later today, happy NaNoing.

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