Fingers are Sore…

Just finished off chapter 8. Word count now stands at just over 24000.

Story is moving along at a good pace, and the characters are really coming alive as it progresses.

The main character is coming into his own, and the others are also developing well. The interplay of dialogue is probably some of the best I have come up with in a long time. I’m keeping the example of one of my best flash fiction pieces, Disposal, in mind while I do the narrative.

For those interested, here is a sneak peek:

I freeze. The smell in the cell makes my stomach roll but I stare at the woman. Her short red hair is a mess and she appears to be in her mid-thirties. The shorts she wore showed dirt smudges as if she’d worn them for many days. A tattered shirt finished off the look and red-rimmed eyes stare at me.

The spell snaps and Mindy rips off the tap from our captive. “Who is she?”

A smile greets her. “My girl,” he responds. “Untie me, Dad needs me.”

“Don’t untie him,” I say.

Mindy slaps him, then grabs the keys off me. She unlocks the girl’s cell and steps inside.

“Make sure she’s not bit.” I turn to the man. “Why did you keep her in here?”

“If you don’t know why…” He winks.

Mindy is on her knees, trying to calm the girl down. The crying is harsh, and only a few words can be made out, most from Mindy as she soothes the woman.

I grab the man. “I should just put you in with your father.”

His grin fades as he realizes what that would mean. “You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”

“Can you do something about that corpse?” Mindy calls out.

I knock and arrow.

“No, you can’t! That’s my Pa!”

The arrow flies. The body crumples. An arrow quivers in the eye socket.

I turn, the man is on his knees, sobbing.

Mindy walks the woman out of the cell, glaring at the man as she passes. “Do what you want with him.”

There is no other choice. I grab him by the shirt collar and shove him into the cell. “You can rot in here for all I care.”

“You asshole!” He rushes toward the cell door just as I slam it shut. His shoulder hits it. The lock holds. “I’ll kill you for this!”

I walk away, leaving him spilling profanities and threats to the empty air.


Not sure if I’ll do another chapter tonight or not. I’m almost at the half way point for the 50,000 words, but still far away from my personal total. Still have over a week left to finish, so I’m not doing too badly.

Till next time, keep writing!

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