Another Down

Chapter 4 is put to bed with 3095 words in total. Moving the story along, but now it is getting into the complicated sub-plots and everything. This is where stuff gets a little bogged down while I refer to notes and outline material.

So, at the start of day two, we’re looking at a total of 12249 words into the novel.

Here’s a preview of the work so far:

We sit and talk in the TV room. Mindy says a lot about her family and how they wanted her to be a doctor. At about the fifth beer the world starts to make sense. Funny how everything seems better with a few beers in you.

The storm keeps pouring down on us the whole time. When the room becomes really dark, I turn on a light at look outside, announcing it to be night time and head to bed. I tell Mindy about the spare bedroom and where to find extra sheets. At least I think I tell her that.

The rain stops sometime during the night and a strange thumping sound wakes me up. I’m still a little groggy, but nothing a good brushing of the teeth won’t fix.

Mindy is curled up with me. Her olive skin glints in the pre-dawn light and I wonder how far we went. It’s hard to tell, I like commando. It appears she does as well.

I try to extract myself from our intertwined bodies, feeling myself stir as hands touch soft skin. The biggest problem is my right arm, and Mindy’s head resting on it.

A pillow in one hand and the other balancing my body, I pull away slow, making sure not to jostle her in any way. Her long, silky hair follows but the pillow slips under her head and I let out a silent cheer of achievement before slipping my feet out and onto the floor.

Curiosity gets the best of me and I lift the sheet just a little to look at her naked back, then down to her butt. I give myself a mental high five and let the blanket fall back down.

So I’m off to shower before hitting the keys again. Till the end of chapter 5.

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