Another Chapter Done

Just about ready to go to a write in, and in preparation for such, finished off another chapter. That makes 5 chapters down and a total of 15300 words into the work.

This week is exhausting, but I’ll do my best to keep up the pace.

For those following, here is a sample of the latest chapter:

I bump into the kitchen table, wondering what sick joke is taking place. The body in front of me bumps its head against the patio door again. Small smudges of dirt decorate the glass and the skin above his eyebrow breaks. No blood seeps out. He does not appear to feel the injury.

Mindy sits on the floor, head in hands, weeping . It must be shock.

“He’s alive. We buried him alive,” she mutters.

“No, his body was cold.” I can’t keep my eyes off of him. There is a definite icy claw on my spine. “What the hell did the newscaster say on that broadcast?”

She lifts a tear-filled gaze at me. “What?”

“Monday, when all hell broke loose.” I wonder if my hunting gear is upstairs or down, locked or just hanging.

Another thud brings my attention back to the patio door.

“He’ll break in!” Mindy slides back on the floor.

“No, it’s tempered glass, just like all the windows.” It cost a bundle when the upgrade happened last year, but the savings in heat is phenomenal.  “They said something about the brain.” There is nothing clicking in my mind.

Mindy sniffs. “You have to kill the brain.” She wipes away tears with an arm. “Probably the brain stem or cerebellum.”

I’m stunned. “How the hell–”

She shudders. “Mom and Dad wanted me to go to med school, so they drilled me on anatomy all the time.” She climbs to her feet. “We have to let him in. Maybe there’s something…”

So we’ll see what happens tonight, if I push out another chapter or not. Until then, happy NaNo!

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