Last Chapter Today

Finished Chapter 3 and the word count is sitting at 9154. Little tired but feeling good about what has been accomplished for the day.

For those interested, here is a sneak peek at the final chapter of today:

Mindy covers her mouth. I take the bandage away from her and walk into the garage. The bio-waste bucket sits on the ground just beside my old beat up truck that hasn’t started since last year. I never tried it this year either. But the bio container has a good seal on it, and we’ll not smell the rotten chicken again.

I toss the bandage and go back into the house to find Mindy trying to clean the wound. She has a roll of paper towel in one hand and a few of the squares in the other. The latter she presses close to Frank’s wound and pushes a little. A sickly yellow-green puss seeps out of the bite mark and she scoops it up. The smell intensifies when she does it. Chicken left in the sun is all I could think of. That’s not saying Frank smells like roses. We all spent too much time in my stinky little car.

“You have enough light?” I indicate the curtains drawn tight against the heat.

“Enough,” Mindy says. She keeps pushing against the wound and more puss leaks out.

“Did you want any water?”

“Cold. Put ice in it if you can.”

I really hate feeling useless. Sitting in front of a computer gives you the feeling of God, knowing at any time you could just press a button and send someone’s personal information to anyone. Heck, there were a lot of things I could do at work. World of Warcraft beware! Frank and I controlled a number of groups. Crap, I had forgotten about the raid we setup for today. I glanced at the time. An hour past the meeting.

Tomorrow is the start of a new day, and Chapter 4 is just brewing inside. I would keep writing, but my fingers are a little sore today.

Night all.

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