Keep Writing

Chapter 2 is now complete, and I stand at just over 6100 words.

This is one of the easiest NaNo starts I’ve had, so let’s keep it going after the shower.

Here’s a little exert for those interested.

Mindy and Frank just kept looking at me, waiting for something to be said or done. Not sure what, but I know something had to happen. So, I stand.

“Which way, Frank?”

He snaps out of whatever thing his mind is busy contemplating and points to the wall behind me. “Just down the line of servers there.” He drops his arm and looks toward Mindy. “How good are you at heights?”

Mindy nods. “Good, why?”

“The stairs are down.”

I stop half way to the door. “What?”

“The stairs are down,” Frank calls out to me.

I glance back. “Those things are attracted to sound.”

“Fuck,” Frank says. “No wonder they kept coming at the doors and wall.”

Mindy tugs at Frank’s arm. “What’d you mean the stairs are down?”

“It means they’re down. What else?”

“The pull part is down?”

“No, the stairs are down,” Frank says.

I reach the door and glance at the sign about the alarm going off if opened. Well, nothing to do but try it. A push against the bar and the door opens. I look down.

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