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Putting Pen to Paper

“I want to write a book – where should I start?”

Almost as old as what came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, maybe not, but writing a book is something a lot of people dream of doing. The first step is to actually want to write, and it seems you have conquered such a step.

No matter what type of book you want to write the journey begins with a simple creation of an idea. All writers start with a basic “This is what I’ll write about” statement. It could be, “I want to write about my life” and it is a memoir, or “I want to write about someone else’s life” and it is a biography. Your idea could be “I want to write about an elf’s journey” and it is a fantasy, or “I want to write about outer space” and it is Sci-Fi. The idea is the first step.

Without going through the whole mechanics of writing, this has been done so many times on Quara by many people including myself; I suggest researching the different methods of writing. It is up to you to decide which method you would like to use, and go with it.

The methods include:



Brain Mapping

Snow Flake

If you choose to “panster” the work, please make sure you keep chapter notes during the writing in order not to make mistakes in the narrative.

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