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Is Your Muse Whispering or Yelling?

“Where do you find inspiration for your story ideas?”

Everywhere. Heck, ideas are a dime a dozen. Look around you, read the newspaper and/or watch the news. In those golden tidbit buckets you’ll find millions of ideas.

Let’s look at the current news:

An 80-lb. yellowfin tuna caught off the coast of Florida apparently had a shocking surprise hidden in its stomach: A human (male genitals). This is too weird not to be true! Now, how to make a story about that? Easy, just think on the question of how a tuna got the male parts into it. There’s a start of a murder mystery if you ask me.

Wind pummels, rain drenches Haiti and Jamaica (Hurricane Matthew). Disaster story. Run with that one.

Walk down the street and see someone J-walking, now imagine if a car ran out of control down that same street. What happens? This story could go in many different directions from drama (person hit and family gathers in the hospital, driver tries to see the victim and apologize). Or the car is controlled by aliens/ghosts/spirits.

I hope you see how this game is being played. You can take just everyday situations and twist them into a story.

Basic exercises:

1 – Pick a genre, grab the paper, randomly select a page. Now twist this story into a work of fiction (short story, 1,000 words)

2 – Search for a random picture generator, take the first one that comes up, write a short work of fiction.

3 – Take a day in your childhood and twist the outcome in a story. Make something interesting, scary, unbelievable, strange. Write it out as a short story.

Do the above to help fire your imagination. Soon, you’ll find yourself building stories that twist and turn


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