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To Memoir or Not to Memoir

Question: I want to write a book on some of the¬†experiences I’ve had though I’m just 23. I am not sure if people will read it and someone will publish it. Should I write it?

Answer: Your question really is, Should I write a memoir. The answer is yes, you should write a memoir, regardless of what age you are, if you really want. To ask if someone will publish it is not important. The worse that will happen is you can self-publish it.

The one thing I want to ask you is, why would anyone want to read your memoir? What important things happened in your life that you would like to share with other people? If you can answer that, then yes, please write it and get the work polished. Once that is done, try to get it published traditionally. If there are no bites at all the publishers you try, strike out on your own to self-publish.

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