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The First Word

Question: How do I start off my Sci-Fi novel?

Answer: You just start it. If you’re not sure what the opening of the book should be like then just start writing the story. Get it down on paper. Move forward. Soon, between the first word you put down and the last, you’ll figure out how to start the novel.

This advice is based on the assumption that you have already outlined, plotted, and mapped the whole novel. If that is not true, then pick how you are going to write it. There are several methods and hybrids of those methods that will help you put word on paper.

The answer here is similar to an article I wrote for IndyFest Magazine last year and you can still get it inline through most major distributors for free.

1 – Panster

The panster is a person who writes without a major plan. They have an idea and just start to put it down on paper. There is no formal outline, mapping of events, or structure. Think of the person answering these questions, they know what they are going to type (in essence) but not in practicality.

2 – Planner

Every part of the novel is planned down to the speck of dust that falls from the dust pan.             They never waver from the path of the plan and work hard to build the novel following the outline they created.

3 – The Patchwork Writer

This writer may have an idea and small outline of what to write but it is in jumbles. Most patchwork writers create chapters and scenes out of order, not knowing when the ideas will strike them. Their writing is usually chaotic in nature.

Each one of the above have strengths and weaknesses about them, so it is up to you to decide the method of writing you wish to employ. The only real advice I can give you is to start writing.

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