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Question: What is Atompunk?

Answer: Atompunk is a subgenre of Cyberpunk, and takes place between the period of 1945-1965 (known as the atomic age of man). It generally deals with the advancement of the Atomic Age, modernism, jet age, communism, and space age. Generally writers will concentrate on expanding the themes listed and include the rise of the US military and the industrial powers.

The settings are usually Populuxe (a mixture of popular and luxury) and Raygun gothic (a mixture of Art Deco, Googie, and Streamline Moderne). Signs with exaggerated lines reaching beyond the logo with few rounding shapes in letters. Think of the great depression and how outlandish advertising started in order to gain access to the masses.

The stories generally centre on the discovery of science only dreamed about at that time, like flying cars (still waiting for mine), automated homes, 3 day work weeks, and everything technology was supposed to supply the human race.

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