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Should I submit the dedication page of my book with my manuscript?


When you submit to a publisher or agent the only thing they want to know is if you can write. There is no interest in who you are or the people supporting you (unless you are already a famous writer and they would be pursuing you).

The other thing to understand is each publisher or agent has a submission process. For example, we want to see the full manuscript to evaluate it, while others only want to see the first chapter or so. This helps to weed out those authors who do not follow instructions. An example is the last Unbound anthology we accepted submission to (Unbound II). Authors were told what and how to submit. After 300 submissions it was easy to delete the ones who didn’t follow our submission procedure in order to narrow down the choice. We ended with 75 authors who followed the submission procedure and then picked the best.

Remember, you are asking them (the publisher or agent) to look over your work to either publish or represent you. Find out exactly what they want and how they want it submitted before sending them anything. If in doubt, ask questions of their staff or authors who they represent or have published.

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