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What is the one thing a novice science fiction writer should keep in mind when attempting a novel?

Understand that Science Fiction only represents your genre in one detail. Any author will tell you that every good Science Fiction novel has much more depth to it than a space ship, time travel, or space.

Case in point:

The original I Robot books are not just about robots (and we are not looking at the Will Smith adaption). Read the book! They are a collection of short stories dealing with multiple issues from slavery, law, loss, conflict, and many other things.

SciFi is your back drop to your novel. Take a look at one of my favourite works by Fredrick Phol, Gateway. This pure SciFi confronts society and exploration, but holds so much more. Inside there is romance, fear, defeat, triumph, betrayal, sacrifice. You should not just write about your backdrop of SciFi, but hold much more in it.

Take any really good SciFi novel and see what is happening inside the pages. Look at the classics as opposed to the up and coming. All the really good ones will display a story rich in the telling and contain multiple sub-genres in order to make the story.

Escaping the Caves, an up and comer, does not just deal with a dystopian society, but also love, betrayal, PTSD, and most of all, a life journey of the main female character.

The best suggestion is to look over some of the SciFi you have read and see if you can identify when they use those sub-genres to enrich, for if you only write SciFi there is nothing else and thus the writing becomes one dimensional.

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