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How do I get big publishers like Penguin and Pegasus to PUBLISH my FULLY WRITTEN biography?

Okay, this strange question gets the following response.

First you need to be famous. I’m not talking about home town famous, I mean rock star or A listed actor famous. If you walk down the street and girls don’t swoon over you then forget about it. But if they do, then you have a chance.

Get a good editor, publicist, and agent. Go through your work, rewrite it, rewrite it again and again and again until at least 6 drafts are done. Have other writers read it and work through the issues you missed. Once that is done, get a good editor. I’m not talking a freelancer who bids, you want someone who tells you their per word editing fee and it costs you a lot of money. Have them go through it a point out all the issues. Fix those and have them do it again. Repeat until all issues are addressed. Then give it to your agent for reword.

Once your agent is finished you have them work with your publicist to make a big splash about the upcoming work. Get the world talking about the tell all biography that is coming up. Once the big splash is rolling the publishing companies will start to drool over the manuscript a possibly bid on it. In about 6 months to a year (after they order rewrites to parts they don’t like) it will be published.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you.

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