The First Word

Question: How do I start off my Sci-Fi novel? Answer: You just start it. If […]

To Memoir or Not to Memoir

Question: I want to write a book on some of the experiences I’ve had though I’m […]

Building Your Author Platform

Question: What are the three most critical components of building a good author’s platform for […]


Question: What is Atompunk? Answer: Atompunk is a subgenre of Cyberpunk, and takes place between […]

Words on a page

Question: How much do you write per day? Answer: It really depends on the day. […]

Words and Terms

Question: Is it advisable for an indie author to include a glossary of invented words […]

Should I submit the dedication page of my book with my manuscript?

No. When you submit to a publisher or agent the only thing they want to […]

Do you need to be a wordsmith to write a novel or can you get by with a great imagination?

Some of the best fiction out there is put together with easy to read simple […]

How do you get over writer’s block?

I’ve probably fielded this question a number of times. A lot of first time authors […]

What is the one thing a novice science fiction writer should keep in mind when attempting a novel?

Understand that Science Fiction only represents your genre in one detail. Any author will tell […]