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What websites allow you to publish your own stories/articles for free?

It sounds like you want to get into digital publishing of your own work. I’ll just keep this answer as a distributor answer hoping you have completed all rewrites and edits.

There are three sites I would suggest to use in order to distribute electronically:

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. Google Play
  3. Draft 2 Digital

Kindle Direct Publishing gets you into the largest marketplace, Amazon. You can also use the KU (Kindle Unlimited) to help distribute but then you cannot use the other two, thus cutting you off from distribution with other sites. If you opt out of KU, then distributing through the other two is okay. Keep the prices the same at all the sites.

Google Play opens up the world of Android for you. People will have access to pay and download your work based on the price set by you. This is an amazing venue for publishing digitally, so make sure the take advantage of it.

Draft 2 Digital is a new player on the digital publishing horizon. They have a good website that is easy to use and a conversion system second to none. They offer the ability to upload a Word and Txt formatted file to their system and they will convert it to EPub, Mobi, and PDF. You also get to pick the channels the work is distributed to which are:

  • 24Sybols – A very large ebook distributor
  • iBooks – Apple store, you have to be here
  • Nook – Barnes and Noble’s ebook distribution
  • Kobo – The Kobo ebook store
  • Oyster – eBook store gaining popularity
  • Page Foundry – Also known as Inktera, a popular ebook distributor
  • Scribd – Subscription based ebook distributor similar to KD but no headaches
  • Tolino – eBook distributor for the Tolino ebook reader

I strongly suggest using these three for distribution of ebooks for they do not charge you a fee to publish through them.

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