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I am writing my first book in English, which is not my first language and naturally, it needs to be checked and mistakes amended. How is this done?


Believe it or not, the method of writing books does not change from language to language. Follow the steps you would if writing a book in your native tongue.

  1. Write the first draft
  2. Rewrite multiple times to smooth it out
  3. Get critiques and test reads to ensure perfection (or as close as you can get)
  4. Get a good editor, not someone who is a freelancer, but a real editor and have them do content edits
  5. Get a second editor to go over it one more time to ensure perfection
  6. Get really good cover art and publish (if self-publishing) or find an agent or publisher to accept the work

Some of the fallacies you’ll find being told to you is to edit the first draft (or that is what appears to be happening when checking the answers posted). You never send a first draft to an editor publish it. Do you rewrites and critiques to ensure a clean work before final edits.

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