It Snowed in April

The mild winter played on my mind for months. It’s the first of the cold months for Sheila and me in the new (to us) home, and there have been surprise after surprise. But at the end of March, with a torrent of rain pelting our back wall, I waited for a clear day to unpack the boat.

Last year, through carelessness or just plain stupidity (the latter sounds more apt), the lower unit seized. It appears the high viscosity oil leaked out over the winter, leaving gears free to spin in river water on the year’s first run. This leaves a costly repair bill, if not the need to replace the whole lower unit. The motor itself is in perfect condition, appearing as one just unpacked from the crate. But the summer of sitting in the back unusable has made me really think about replacing the boat with an aluminum and high power electric motor. Hard to do after dumping all my savings on the new home.

April 1st came and went, leaving us on the 3rd staring out at a glut of newly fallen snow. And the snow didn’t stop all day.

Some April fool’s joke. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.

But then again, we are in Canada, as if that makes any difference.

All that goes through my mind is will there ever be an end to this winter?

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