Touched by a Friend

If you’re lucky, your life is touched by special people. Over the years, I have been in contact with a number of special people, and some of those influenced by life in a very positive manner.

This morning, while checking my email, I read about the passing of one such person. Joseph Chamberlain.

I first met Joseph almost 20 years ago. He joined my mother lodge and rose through the ranks very quickly. He was a rising star. Joe spent a lot of time participating in masonic events, even offering his time to charity when possible. His year as Master of Riverdale John Ross Robertson Lodge saw a change in focus for the group and that put us on the correct path once again.

Joe also was a member of the Royal Arch and Scottish Right. Both he left a legacy of positive change and undying devotion to the craft and what it stands for.

His year as District Deputy Grand Master only fuelled the belief that he was destined to leave a very positive footprint in the history of Masonry.

Alas, when the God calls you from our Earthly existence, we have nothing but to nod our head and follow. Joe passed away on Sunday at 11:30 AM.

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